Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Paints!

One of the first things I do whenever I get a batch of new paint colors is spread them onto a palette and play with them. I was so excited to get some new Gamblin oils yesterday.

Gamblin Colors

These are not a brand that I usually paint with, but there were some interesting colors I wanted to try.

Gamblin Whites & Torrit Grey (2012)

Sometimes when I order a new color, I am sadly disappointed when I open the tube and spread out the paint.

Palette with New Gamblin Paints!

Alas, it was too late last night to begin painting, so I'm up early today.  I can't wait to get started! For those of you who are interested, here is a link to the Gamblin website. I know I will be returning to it often.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eggs and Coffee - Submitted To DPW

Just finished this piece, a 5" x 7" oil on linen panel, and sent it over to the DPW Paint Your Breakfast Challenge. It was fun, and definitely challenging, to paint the reflective surface of the bowl, as well as the egg shells.  Using this much red is novel for me, and I enjoyed it very much.  I hope you like it!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Work and An Announcement!

Wow, the first quarter of the year has zipped by for us.  I've been painting regularly but haven't had time to post any updates for almost three months. 

First, here is an oil of our border collie sleeping with one of his toys.  He doesn't get many toys because he is notorious for ripping them to shreds.  This toy is one that has escaped total destruction, and it's his favorite.  (Well, he HAS ripped off the ears.)  He often sleeps with it.

Puppy and Lovey
5" x 7"

And now for the announcement! 

I've recently started another blog called Still Life Workshop, located at's a companion to my new website Still Life Workshop that provides information on painting still lifes. 

The blog allows viewers to send images of their art to me via email.  I will be posting painting challenges of various still lifes that I create as part of my own art development.

The website provides general instruction that I have absorbed over the years through instructors, artist friends, books, videos, and websites.  I'm providing links to the websites of artists who inspire me with their still life work, and I welcome any suggestions you may have of additional artists to include in the links page.  Also on the website are reference photos which may be downloaded and printed out for you to use to inspire you in your own still life paintings.

Both the Still Life Workshop blog and website are now live, but it is an ongoing development.  Look for changes and updates to be continuing this year.

So, stay tuned, and please visit my new blog and website.  Thanks!