Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Work: Pear Still Life

The new members' exhibit at the LAC Gallery and Art Center is an artist's challenge where at least one apple, lemon, or pear must be included in the subject matter in each submitted work.  This exhibit opens Tuesday, January 31 and continues through Saturday, February 25, 2012.

I've been working on 4 paintings for this exhibit.  The largest measures 8" high by 24" wide.  I set up several arrangements with pears and took many photographs.  After studying several arrangements and the many photographs I took of them, I selected the picture below to develop into a painting:

The red pears were some of the largest I have seen, and they contrasted beautifully with the tiny yellow ones that also caught my attention in the produce section.  I kept the drapery neutral in order to bring out the color differences in the pears.

Working in oils, I blocked in the initial layout and values on a plain white stretched canvas using burnt umber thinned with oderless mineral spirits (OMS).

Finally, the color was applied:
Sequence of Pears

Thanks for letting me share my art with you.  I hope you like it.