Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finally - A Plein Aire Day

Three of us painted at Prospect Park in Wheat Ridge.  Ginger was our instructor.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone was out walking the trails, and any dogs that were there made a beeline for Clear Creek.  They loved the water.

Ginger set up and gave us a brief lesson and demo:

 Her subject matter was Clear Creek and this willow:
Here is her painting after she touched it up in the studio:
This is an oil painting on 8 x 10 canvas board, toned with white/cad yellow light/aliz crimson
My subject matter:
Here is the field study, before any touching up in the studio...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Motorcycles Painting

Recently completed this 4" x 6" oil from my monthly challenge blog Studio Atelier.   This is the completed piece after it has dried and been varnished.

The motorcycles are from a photo taken in Washington, D.C. at the "Freedom Ride" gathering.  The painting is on canvas mounted to Gatorbord; I covered the canvas with a couple of coats of black gesso, which I first used on the sparrows painting below.  This has become my preferred surface for oils.