Saturday, January 23, 2010

Katie's Dance

Here is something new:  a miniature the size of an artist trading card (ATC) - 2-1/2" x 3-1/2".  This piece is oil on canvas mounted on Gatorbord.

The hardest part about painting a mini is getting an image of it that looks OK on the computer!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lemon Study

Just finished this little piece...

"Lemon Study" is 5" x 7", oil on Gatorbord.  I hope you like it.

Launching Studio Atelier

Alas!  Our hero at Different Strokes From Different Folks is taking some time off to concentrate on her real world.  I wish her all the best and support her in her choice.  There are times you just have to stay in the trenches.  Good luck, Karin Jurick.

In light of that, I'm launching Studio Atelier under similar guidelines as the DSFDF blog.  Artists are invited to paint their interpretation of a photo I will post monthly.  Then, they can send me a digital image of their work, and I will post them all for comparison to each other and to the original picture. 

Sometimes we don't know what to paint, and it's helpful to have someone just throw that idea out there for you.  I hope to develop Studio Atelier into a blog worthy of all the work that has preceded it by DSFDF.  Check in at Studio Atelier on January 31 to see the first photograph.

Thanks everybody.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Different Strokes End of Year Portrait Challenge

Now that the dust is settling from the whirlwind of the holidays, there's time to post my recent contribution to the DSFDF End of Year Portrait Challenge.  What a fun project this was!  I encourage you to visit the Different Strokes blog and look at all of the wonderful portraits contributed by artists all over the world.  Artist Karin Jurick is not only a talented artist but also an advocate for any of us who struggle to paint.  Kudos to Karin!  She is my hero.

This challenge is a portrait swap; I received a photo of someone I have never met nor seen before.  My photo was sent to that artist, and our mission was to create a portrait of each other.

Lee Brown is the talented artist who created a lovely portrait from my photo.  I love that he worked in graphite, which is one of my favorite media.  You can see his portrait of me on his blog A Day Not Wasted.  His work is noteworthy!

Here is my portrait of Mr. Brown.

Portrait of Mr. Brown
Oil - 5" x 7"

The Challenge?  painting eyeglasses!

This has kick-started my creativity by making me get out the paint and brushes.  I'm eager to get back to painting in 2010 by 1) finishing most of the "starts" I have accumulated and 2) beginning new work.

Happy New Year to all!