Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back to Bloggin'

Since my last post, I have done very little painting and a great deal of providing support to things outside of my own world.  However, last week I met Carl Judson when he came down to Lakewood from LaPorte in his "Moby Van" full of plein air art equipment and supplies.

Carl Judson
We met at the Lakewood Arts Council's Art Center & Gallery, 85 S. Union Blvd., where Carl gave a brief history/slide show of significant plein air works of art and talked about his own plein air history.  I have been a fan of Carl and his Judsons Art Outfitters products for years, and I continue to recommend them strongly.  Plus, he couldn't be a nicer person.

I'd like to give a shout out to Lakewood Arts Council which is now in its 26th year and is seeking an expanded future in a new location.  If you love the arts and would like to support LAC, know that they are a 501(c)(3) with all donations being tax deductible.  Donations in any amount are welcome, and between now and June 30th your donation will be doubled through their Matching Gift Fund.
  •  For a Donation Form, go HERE
  • To donate through Paypal, go HERE and scroll down to the Paypal buttons.
  • To find out more about the Lakewood Arts Council, go to their website HERE.  
As President of LAC, I thank-you for your support!

Carl's visit re-activated my art brain, and I scheduled myself to join up with a plein air group next week.  I also decided to pick up a couple of Raymar panel carriers for all of those miniatures I'll be painting next week.  These are lightweight and durable, and recommended by many plein air artists.

Summer is here, and I plan to get a few paintings under my belt by the end of August.  I'll be posting them here as I make progress.